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Day in day out in our sleep we always have dreams, Do you know that these dreams have
symbolic meaning, ooh yes they do have meaning so make sure when you dream you don’t just
forget what you dreamed about easily, as most people easily forget immediately, have you
dreamed of becoming rich, flying like a bird or even death all they got a symbolic meaning, here
is an explanation for each.


Dreaming at your sleep is a common thing, most of us just forget in just a minute even if they
wake up the same night, and make sure that you concentrate fully on your dream and don’t forget
it, this might be a breakthrough in your life as some of these symbolize great stuff in real life,
here are a few of them and their symbols.


Being wealthy is all about having a lot of money, have you at one point of having a lot of cash in
your bank account, this represents a change in lifestyle from being poor to becoming rich.
Money dreams often tell about prosperity, and at most time symbolizes the flow of life, if you
have dreamed of the wealth of becoming rich as yourself what are you doing to become rich in your life.

Flying in your dream often expresses what you desire in life, have you thought of becoming a
great person in life, what are you doing to become that, are you working towards achieving your
goal if yes then you are on the right track, this dream tends to motivate us and gives us a new
hope in our lives as we wake up every morning to face a new day, there is a feeling of solving all
challenges we experience.


Nakedness in your dream always symbolizes an exposure of a certain thing, these might be an
exposure of a breakthrough in life nor exposure of an illicit affair, it’s upon you to bring up
your mindset together to know what you desire to expose in life most times nakedness
symbolizes shame.

Dreaming of people in your dream symbolizes a reflection in life, there is that? One person you
desire to become in life, the dream is meant to motivate you to work toward becoming that person,
at times you might see useless people in life, in such dreams you need to ignore because it might
not be helpful to you.

Although dreaming of death is scary, because death is always seen as something negative, death
means a dramatic change in life, leaving an old life and welcoming a new life that is full of
changes, it gives the dreamer the room for something new.

Dreaming of sex is simply an outlet for sexual expression; it can also symbolize an intimate
connection with other people and the integration with other people in your daily life.

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