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5 sites that will help you in job interview preparation

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An interview is like an unending journey for any career person. To break the interview and grab your dream job, two things are necessary; the first is a well structured resume and the second is excellent preparation of the interview.


To achieve an excellent interview preparation, it is important that you have a good source of resources and practice from the idea in the identified resources.

Below are some of the top 10 sites that might help you with an interview preparation:

1. AmbitionBox

AmbitionBox has a variety of articles that are generally good for job market interest. These include interview preparations as well as market insights. It gives you variety of practice questions that will help you prepare well for the interview. The page also offers a catalogue of companies which may just turn out to be your potential employer. You can also engage the community on the website by asking questions that concern you.

2. Gainlo

This website allows users to have mock interviews with employees from leading leading companies like Facebook, Google and Linkedin among others. The major idea here is to give you the exact experience as in real interviews while granting you the freedom to fail and get immediate feedback.

3. Freshersworld

Fresherwolrd not only helps candidates to work out their reasoning skills, it also provides the opportunity to apply for jobs. Further, it gives them vital tips to crack interviews.

4. Puzzlefry

This is yet another website that prepares you well for non technical interviews. It improves the candidate’s reasoning skills while providing relevant questions alongside answers.

5. IndiaBIX

The website comprises interview questions that will improve your aptitude skills. It provides entrance interview questions ranging from verbal ability to general knowledge and mathematics.








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