7 things employers look for in your curriculum vitae

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Have you ever wondered why you would make hundreds of job applications and miss on a single invitation to the interview stage?


Well it might just be that your resume doesn’t hook the reader.

Despite recruiters often receiving several applications for a single position, it is upon their discretion to proceed the applicant to the interview stage.

The decision to progress the candidate depends on how much the recruiter was hitched to the candidate’s resume.

In order to draw the recruiter’s interest, your resume will need to outline the following information in the most simple and readable form;

1.Responsibilities and Roles

The worst mistake that job seekers do is having a particular resume for all the jobs they apply for. To the contrary, you need to tailor your resume to align with specific jobs that you are applying for. It is important that the job titles and responsibilities in your resume are connected to the position you are applying for. Even though it is important to clarify your previous position, it is more vital that you don’t just mention a list of your responsibilities.

2. Experience

Every resume received on the recruitment table is scanned to the relevant experience. Make sure your experience, whether four months in one role or five years in another, is relevant and consistent to the position your are applying for. Highlight some of your contributions in your previous roles.

3. Skills

Skills are very important in complementing your experience. Ensure that you insert the relevant skills you gained in your previous roles. The skills should illustrate your suitability for the role you are applying for.

4. Achievements and Results

Managers are interested in result oriented individuals and it is therefore important to highlight your achievements in the resume. For instance if you made specific achievements as a Sales Manager mention your targets in numeric and how you achieved them.

5. Education

Ensure you include relevant educational certificates especially when they are required in the selection criteria.

Besides the above mentioned, you should also pay close attention to the following;

6. Easy to Read

Make sure your resume has a clear and consistent layout. Choose one font while highlighting titles. Rather than rambling  with sentences, you should use bullet points to list achievements, responsibilities, skills etc. Avoid grammar mistakes by all means. Avoid too much jargon noting that the reader might not be an industry expert.

7. Label and Format

Ensure you submit your resume in away that the receiver will open it easily.  Always include your name in the title while saving the resume, for instance, Hellen- Resume.




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