A Day After Kitui Bus Tragedy, Vehicles Could Still Be Seen Crossing The Killer River (video)

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In a video shared by NTV Kenya,  two vehicles and tractors could still be seen crossing the partially flooded killer River while the ill-fated school bus parked by the river bank.


Also seen crossing the river are pedestrians and motorcycles.

The scene has left many wondering including Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko how would a  vehicle still cross the partially flooded river oblivious of the deadly Tragedy it had caused barely 24 hours.

”A day after, mambo ya Kitui ni Ngumu kuelewa…(a day after, it’s hard to understand Kitui Issues)” said Sonko

The Bus was retrieved from River Enziu on Sunday evening out of which 9 more bodies were recovered bring to 32 fatalities.

According to Kitu Governor Charity Ngilu, recovery efforts continue Monday 6th to ensure no bodies are left behind trapped at the river bed.


The bus was taking the church choir and other revellers to a wedding in Kitui on Saturday when it keeled over and sank beneath fast-flowing waters as the driver tried to navigate a submerged bridge.

Twelve passengers managed to scramble to safety but most aboard the stricken bus were unable to escape before it was swallowed by the muddy tide.

Among the passengers in the ill-fated bus were members of the bridal party, including a woman, her three children and two grandchildren.

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