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Actor Ainea Ojiambo Breaks Silence After Dramatic Gun Incident at the CBD

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Celebrated thespian Ainea Ojiambo was Friday night released by police following his involvement in a fatal shooting incident in Nairobi city center.


Ojiambo acts in the Makutano Junction drama under the character of  Snake. He is a licensed gun holder. He was granted a police bond as investigations into the shooting along Moi Avenue continues.

A guard was shot in the eye while the bystander was hit in the hip after Ojiambo fired as he struggled with a gang of three who wanted to rob his neck chain.

The guard reportedly died in hospital.

The incident happened on Friday at about 4.30 pm as Ojiambo was engaging an unknown woman when the attackers struck.

The area is usually crowded at such time.

A CCTV footage that captured the incident showed Ojiambo talking to a woman on a sidewalk before three men approached him and tried to grab his gold chain.

One attacker held the chain and his accomplices pushed the woman away.

Ojiambo quickly reacted, shoved them aside and pulled his gun, and shot at the attackers who scampered for safety.

The video shows Ojiambo reaching for the neck chain that apparently fell on the ground and a face mask before he returned the pistol to safety.

It was then that he realized the bullets he discharged had hit a guard who was seated a few meters away and a bystander.

Police recorded his statement alongside five other people who witnessed the incident. The investigation file will be taken to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

“We will know the way forward after the DPP gives his word on the probe file,” an investigator said.

It emerged a third person believed to be one of the men who attacked Ojiambo was shot and wounded. He is however yet to seek medical attention.

Police have appealed to anyone aware of an injured victim to report to them. This was noticed from bloodstains that were seen from the scene of the shooting towards downtown where the group escaped.

According to the Star, friends of Ojiambo who is also known as “OJ” said he felt sorry after learning he missed the target and instead hit innocent people.

Police arrived at the scene moments later and saved Ojiambo from an angry crowd that wanted to lynch him. They accused him of being trigger-happy.

But Ojiambo explained to them that he was aiming at a gang that had attacked him in vain.

It forced police to lobe teargas canisters at the mob that had turned violent. Ojiambo was then taken to the Central police station.

Police later said Ojiambo was acting in self-defence and had no intention to shoot at the victims.

“He fired two bullets which missed his targets and instead hit two other people. The matter is being looked into for now,” said an officer who is aware of the probe.

His pistol was taken away for forensic analysis. Police said they recovered spent cartridges from the scene.

Ojiambo’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta arrived at the station on Friday and returned on Saturday and produce his client if and when needed.

“There are reports alleging that there was more than one gun involved. At the moment the witnesses said they heard more than two shots,” Ombeta stated but played cagey with asserting whether police were following the leads and investigating if a shootout occurred at the scene,” Ombeta said

Earlier on, through his social media pages, Ombeta shielded Ojiambo from criticism, arguing that he wasn’t at fault as he had a right to defend himself.

One of the policemen who dispersed the mob at Moi Avenue after the shooting further alluded that the licensed gun holder did not harbour the intention to open fire. A full report would soon be released, according to the officer.


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