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After Years Of Writing Poems, Itumbi Finally Introduced to Jackie Maribe’s Father

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The relationship between Journalist Jacque Maribe and Digital strategist at the office of Deputy President William Ruto- Dennis Itumbi has always been intricate, controversial, and mindboggling. But it has also stood the test of time


In public, kisses, tight embraces, and endless outings were shared; not to mention the plethora of poems that would make Maya Angelou choke with a tinge on envy.

This is despite both having sires children with different mates and Maribe getting engaged to Jowie before the razzmatazz that surrounded the murder of businesswoman- Monica Kimani

One of the notable poems came in 2019 when Itumbi took to Facebook where he wrote a poem describing her as a fire of super-hot flames, and fire of beauty and sexy.

He went on to shower Jacque Maribe with praises stating that she was a golden mum and a golden friend. His poem highlighted how Maribe is his fire, one that burns the past into ashes, connecting them.

Here is the poem in full…

You are a FIRE.

A Fire in your stage presence,

A Fire that has super hot flames,

Flames that keep them talking,

You are a Fire of beauty and sexy.

A Fire that sparks and sustains friendships,

A Fire, I gladly embrace and use to ink this poem,

A Fire that is so lovely to resist,

You are a Fire on top of a mountain,

Living life, courageously, powerfully, and unapologetically

A Fire that refines your ore into Gold.

A Golden friend.

A Golden mum

A Golden trailblazer

So here is an online hug, tight, endless, and Forever.

Our Friendship is our souls on Fire.

Burning the past into ashes, connecting us,

Soldering to the future, with the force of water down a waterfall…

Friends, planted right at the bull’s eye of our hearts, is what we are…

May you get endless Birthday kisses and triumphs…

You are a lovely FIRE…

I wish you Endless victory, may you warm our hearts.

Happy Birthday!

One fan @JeffLutta shared his dissatisfaction with Itumbi as him to go slow on his poems.

“Itumbi, Poems after poems are boring, up your game and ask your boss Ruto akujenge chopper, you take Maribe somewhere silent and recite that poem romantically, you won’t regret,” he wrote.

Another follower @gauogilbert added that he had had enough of his posts and he should face such situations like other men instead of washing all his linen in public.

Imagine if everybody sent love poems to their crushes in the open media. I mean I’m sure Maribe has an inbox here on her many emails, on WhatsApp…dude! You do all this and PDA and she will go all the way to prison to provide those rights to Jowie!,” wrote gilbert.

Maribe even lost her prestigious job at Citizen TV after she was pictured in court showing solidarity with her beleaguered friend Itumbi, after allegedly lying to her bosses over her whereabouts

On the 18th of December 2021, the Shakespear bug hit again

“To my great friend Maribe, happy birthday. Over the years, especially since 2018, you have stood out as a fighter! Girl, when we tried to be the shade, we noticed you were the sun, You have always been the fire. Maybe the hottest rays,” read an excerpt of Itumbi’s poem. Further, Itumbi praised the media personality for bracing the challenges she has had, wishing her victories and luck in her daily and future endeavors. “You deserve all types of shades. Even if you are the sun. I wish less a fight. More wins and laughter. Fewer struggles, more victories, happiness, and tight hugs,” he wrote.

Are his pains finally turning into pleasure? Is he finally gaining? Well, Maribe has since shared a photo of Itumbi with her father and the caption said it all

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