Airtel Fights Lock-Up Push In SportPesa Disputation

Airtel Company Executives has begun a fight against contempt of court charges which put them at risk of fines or jail terms after the mobile operator was sucked into a dispute between the government and Sportpesa.

Airtel is seeking protection against contempt suit filed by the betting company which has accused it of failing to unblock gaming pay bill accounts and shortcodes used by its partner Milestone Games Limited despite a court order to do so.


Last year, the Government through Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) cease Milestone from operating under the Sportpesa Gaming plan, saying the trade name had been appropriated from its rightful owner Pevans East Africa Limited.

BCLB also disallows Milestone from using the shortcodes 29050 and 79079, pay bill numbers 52152, 9555700, and 95700.

“To preserve the dignity of court and inviolability of the judicial process it is imperative that this application be heard forthwith and in particular the errant Respondent and its board members be penalized for contempt of court,” said the company through its lawyer Willis Otieno.

Ms. Mugo said Airtel entered into two contracts with Pevans to facilitate disbursement of Pevans’ payment to third parties using Airtel’s money transfer service.


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