AKA comes in the defense of Kanye West

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Is it me or do you also feel that somehow Kanye has been the center of almost every topic this week? From the Grammy win to self-declaration of being the richest black man in the US, to Forbes coming at him, to drake trying to trash him and hitting on Kim Kardashian, I mean it has just been a lot; but anyway let us just talk about him because if we talked about ourselves no one would listen.


Here is the latest on Kanye, well this time it’s AKA, one of South Africa’s finest rappers catching a grenade for him. I mean, it’s obvious, AKA draws a lot of inspiration from Kanye, he has publicly declared that one too many times during interviews.

He took to Twitter recently ranting about how, when JAY Z recently announced his collaboration with Moet Hennessy the whole industry was posting congratulating him with titles such as black excellence and the GOAT but now that Kanye is worth $6 billion, no one posted anything.

He went ahead to insinuate that people are just salty hating on Kanye.

Well, Dear AKA, Its not that no one has posted if anything one of the biggest households names, FORBES posted him and confirmed its not true. Apparently, your role model might have exaggerated his net worth.

Am sure you are confused, so are we AKA, so are we.


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