Akothee breaks down in tears after she was accused of drinking dead sister- in- law’s blood for riches (Video)

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Celebrated Kenya musician Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee is apparently a broken woman following accusations from her relatives that she is a member of the Illuminati sect.


In a video shared on her social media pages, the business woman is seen breaking down in tears as she tried to respond to the accusations.

The mother of five however, promised to recollect herself and would address the issue later in the day. She asked her fans not to call or text her and to let her deal with the emotions.

” I wanted to say something, but emotions keep stealing the show .The villagers are winning . Allow me deal with this emotions from Esther Akoth kokeyo .it’s okey to allow your children see you cry. Madamboss will address the Nation latter .💪5. 00 PM. At least I am broken BUt not BROKE. Imagine having both broke and broken in one sentence. ( Please don’t call me ,I am fine ) WE ARE FIXING THIS FAMILIES,” she wrote. 

Earlier Akothee had called out her malicious and jelouse extended family members for associating her wealth with evil.

According to the outspoken musician, the unnamed relatives accused her of drinking her dead sister- in- law’s blood to appease her masters and enrich herself.

“It’s with deep sorrows that we pretend to love and support each other ,yet we are devil’s The amount of hypocrisy is too much . I am sad that people I call family regard me as ILLUMINATI. That I’m drinking my own sister in-laws blood. Well, Death is inevitable and today it’s here tomorrow it’s there. I’ll equally die but coming up with conspiracy theory to satisfy malice, jealousy and hate is sad,” she posted. 

She went ahead to detail how the said relatives have been frustrating her immediate family particularly her mother.

” During election of 2017 you showed us your real characters. We just forgave some of you because we have Ogendis heart ! Some of you are still shameless and think it’s all back to normal , you mistreated my mother , you ganged up against us , including my own step family from my step mother . Well election went , BUT sorry , since 2017 I have not seen any success after we both lost.”

This is not the first time that the flamboyant musician is airing her family’s dirty linen in public.

In 2018, the musician accused her relatives of frustrations, something that got her to a hospital bed and subsequently missing out on a scheduled show.

“It’s not the platform to share my pain, but it’s also good to share some life experiences, it has taken me 5 years of tooth and nail to develop my retirement home, I promised myself never to live with relatives after so many disappointments, but hey I am human too, so 3 years ago, I decided to live with one of my cousins and a son of my neighbour whom I educated without any difficulty of school fee!” She narrated.


“So left them to take care of my home! They grew lazy and instead gave the employees hard time! Dictating them, claiming the wealth is from their sister! Some employees left, and the security guards were not allowed to utter a word (relatives) so they dint allow the employees perform their duties or report to me any challenges! They played like they have reported everything and I am aware.

“Every morning I called his phone was never answered neither did he call me back, sent several text to know how my home is doing! Even asked for photos! All I heard was everything is fine! The two of them sold my 30 chicken, extra beddings from the employees, vandalized all the electrical wires connecting the garden lights living the whole home in darkness! The pool went to zero and turned into a frog pond. My milk was rejected from Rongo Dairy because they divided the milk and added water on their way.”


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