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Amira Vacays in Zanzibar as Jamal Refers to Her as His Most Expensive Property

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When Amira nonchalantly punned that, “Maembe ni wa msimu,’ while responding to the scandalous rendezvous between her husband Jamal and socialite Amber Ray, many saw it as the whims of a woman scorned


But as the Igbo people say, what an elder sees squatting, a child would not glimpse even while atop Burj Khalifa. Amira knew Amber was just a thing of amusement for an exploring man

And so, a relationship that began in December 2020 (though they claimed to have known each other as just friends for longer than that), and which saw the pair inundate us with endless romance laced with copious amounts of drama finally came to a screeching halt

Speaking to local media, Jamal earlier in the month confirmed to have gone back to his first wife.

“Everything is in order with my first wife,” he said.

Asked if Amber Ray is still in his life, Jamal said they are friends.

“We are normal friends, we still talk and we do business together, but nothing in between.”

Asked what caused their separation, Jamal said they were officially married but people break up due to various reasons.

“It was not clout. We got married in the Islamic way, and so the divorce process takes time,” he said.

“Kuna talaka ya kwanza, ya pili, ya tatu. I parted ways with her. Yea nikama nimempa talaka.

“We talk but there is no relationship between me and her. She was my wife and I used to get everything and I was doing everything for her. Sometimes someone can take a break.”

He added that his first wife has since forgiven him.

“Amber and I no longer visit each other, just chat on WhatsApp and calls, but purely business. My wife forgave,” he said.

“Amira has a good soul. She has been in my life since I was in Form 2, and so I think she would not have wanted to end our marriage.”

Recently, Amira showed off her new iPhone 13 Pro Max worth Sh180,000 gifted by her husband Jamal.

She said good things happen to good people. “Thanks, Jamal. Am obsessed.”

And now she is on vacation in Zanzibar


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Jamal on his part has termed her his most prized ‘property.’ (Whatever that means)

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