An Old Video of Ruto Promising ‘Hot air’ Comes to Haunt Him Ahead of 2022

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Apart from getting headache from alleged deep state, an old video that was recorded during the heated 2017 campaigns where DP Ruto was promising an ‘impossibility’ once they get re-elected has come to haunt him at this critical moment.


In the video that is doing rounds on social community platforms, a straight-forward Ruto promised Kenyan youth free internet across the country.

Ruto said that Wi-Fi networks will be made accessible in all wards to enable the youth explore opportunities across the internet and earn themselves a living.

4 years down the line, the promising speech has joined a lengthy list of pious claptrap manifesto that was used to hoodwink the electorate to re-elect them into their second term that is coming to an end next year.

The deputy president’s critics have since used the video to malign his hyped bottom-up economic approach that is claimed will solve the economic distress battling the country.

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Believers of Ruto’s philosophy however, shifted the blame to president Kenyatta urguing that Ruto was only to act as a helper but along the way the two fell out and projects which one lined up for implementation never saw light of the day.

The viral video only represents one of the failed promises of the Jubilee government. Alongside it, the hyped laptops project for schools, 1 million jobs for youth, 47 modern stadia, 100,000 km of tarmac roads among many other projects have earned Ruto the dishonesty tag.


“He made those promises knowing that he will deliver through his boss, William Ruto ni mtu tu wa mkono, this country has a president. We should stop blaming Ruto for everything”.

“do you promise something on behalf of someone? or you promise knowing you’ll achieve it? we were not born yesterday bana”.

“bro you know very well ruto is a big lier, did they force him to lie to us? does he have his brains to think before speaking, now is talking about bottoms up”

” after 2022, incase he becomes the president you come defend him, ati ni deputy wake ndio amefail…man think! “.

“In any organization, it’s team work. You win/lose as a team. Even the bible says, can two walk together if they have not agreed? ”

Click here to watch the video snippet.


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