Arati and Osoro finals: Laughter as MPs shake hands at funeral (video)

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There was joy and laughter as dramatic MPs Simba Arati and Sylvanus Osoro buried their hatchets during the funeral of  Bonchari MP Oroo Oyiokaon Friday in Kisii.


The two legislatures were last month involved in a fight during the burial of Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi’s father in Kisii.

The two had disagreed over Arati’s remarks on Deputy President  William Ruto’s involvement in 2007 post election violence.

However, they shared a platform for the first time since then during the burial of MP Ooro who died of cancer.

The legislatures took the chance to make peace while seeking forgiveness from the residents.

” I want to take this opportunity to make peace for our past. As you can see, Osoro and I are brothers. Therefore I know today you are all happy,” Arati said.

The two lawmakers were congratulated for their truce by the congregants and religious leaders.

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