Atwoli’s Daughter Declares Her Undying Love for Men From the Lakeside

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Natives of Luoland have today been treated with a rare affirmation of love and adulation from a gorgeous daughter of an influential trade unionist leaving many in delirium.


Taking to her Twitter handle, Atwoli Maria hit the nail on the head saying that men from the lake side will always have her heart and the fact is inexcusable.

” Men from the Lakeside will always have my heart, hakuna ujanja” Atwoli Maria stated in kind.

Her public reverence for people from the Lakeside set the stage for excited social media users to shoot the shots to the bubbly beauty who equally strived to make replies.

Atwoli Maria first came to the national stage sometime back when she graduated with a law degree from an ivy league university in the West and her family held an exquisite graduation party for her.

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A lavish party that attracted the attention of leading blogging sites, tabloids and entertainment media outlets.

Ever since, she has remained in the limelight where she actively engages her growing fan base across the social community platforms.

Varied reactions from her admirers included:

Ojwang: another satisfied client has just made our abilities public.

Otieno: thanks for the love darling.

Philip Anyanya: unataka title deed or logbook.

AJ: Go for the best baby girl.

Maurice: That is why you are our most beloved in-laws like no other, welcome Jaber.

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