Australian Former Senator To Bury Her Daughter After They failed To Raise Sh 3.3 Million

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The family of Lucy Gichuhi will be forced to bury their daughter in Australia after they failed to raise sh 3.3 million to bring her daughter Peris “Kadada” Wanjiru, 33 to her motherland.


Peris “Kadada” Wanjiru 33, died a month ago, then a few days later, their family opened a GoFundMe account asking for well-wishers to help them raise money to help them repatriate her remains back to Kenya.

“It is the desire of the family to give her a befitting send-off by repatriating the remains to her motherland Kenya,” reads the page, now closed.

“A little here and there will go a long way in making this possible and lessening the huge financial burden to her family as they come to terms with this devastating loss of their firstborn gone too soon.”

The family of the ex-Australian Senator had wished to raise over Sh 3.3 million but they only managed to raise $400.

An obituary that was placed on the dailies said that Peris will be buried on Monday 27th September in Adelaide, Australia.

“On the 27th September 2021, there will be a Church Service at Influencers (Paradise) Church, followed by burial at the Centennial Park Adelaide, South Australia, read the obituary.

The family has not disclosed the cause of her death, but her obituary read that her death was ‘sudden’

Lucy Njeri was born In Mathira, Nyeri County and migrated to Australia in 1999 with her husband and their three children.

Lucy was elected as the first African-Australia female Senator from the year 2017-2019 as the Australia East Senator




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