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Babu Owino Threatens to Quit Twitter Hours After Fake Account was Verified

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Embakasi East MP Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino has given Twitter the next few possible weeks to verify his account or he will quit the platform


His ultimatum comes hours after it emerged Twitter verified a parody account associated with him.

“If Twitter won’t verify my real account within the next few weeks then I’m sorry, I will exit Twitter. Can’t/ won’t settle for less at all @verified,” Babu Tweeted.

In a post on Instagram, Babu further asked his fans to ignore the fake account.

Babu’s account joined Twitter in 2014 and has 177k followers, while the fake account that was verified joined Twitter in 2017 and has over 38k followers.

“Fellow Kenyans please IGNORE the FAKE ACCOUNT verified by TWITTER under the name @Babu Owino1 or @HEBabuOwino_ The perpetrators want to soil my otherwise good name. My OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT is @HEBabuOwino without UNDERSCORE,” he said.

According to Twitter, the blue Verified badge lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic. To receive the blue badge, your account must be authentic, notable, and active.

“Your account must represent or otherwise be associated with a prominently recognized individual or brand,” Twitter notes.

The original Twitter handle of the MP has more than 177,000 followers and follows 670 people.

“I would like to distance myself from it. Any other information that Kenyans will get from that account is fake. It means that the scammers went and forge my IG and used it for verification of the fake account” Babu Owino added.

To their credit however, this is the first time that Twitter has erroneously made this blunder in Kenya as far as a public figure is concerned.

According to, to become verified on Twitter, you simply update your profile with current information, verify a phone number and email address, then fill out a form requesting consideration as a verified user.

One is required to fill out his account with a profile picture, cover photo, name, website, bio, a verified phone number and email address, birthday, and the tweets should be set as “public”.

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