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Bonfire Adventure MD Sarah Kabu Reveals Plans To Acquire An Aircraft

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Bonfire Adventure Managing Director Sarah Kabu has revealed plans to buy an airplane.


Sarah through her social media page on Wednesday posted while at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport that she has been toying with the idea of transforming the tourism space and she thinks having refurbished planes on a piece of land out in the wild would be a hit with millennials.

“We can acquire a few of them and transform them into AirBnB homes…perhaps have a lounge and restaurants so that you do not have to cook.

“I think this will be a new vibe that Kenyans would like to try. Would you invest in this?” She said.

She recalled how at some point in her life she would walk up to long-distance because she could not afford any bus fare, and she is now thinking of owning an airplane.

“Yaani leo mimi na bid kununua ndege and few years I was sitting in kiti sambaza kwa matatu I couldn’t afford main seat,” She said.

“May this inspire someone who cannot afford bus fare or lunch today just remember Sarah Kabu was in your position a few years back na sasa getting close to owning an airplane,” she added.

The ‘Jabo Jabo’ couples are planning to get two planes, one for herself and the other one for her husband and the Bonfire CEO Simon Kabu.

“Team Sarah Kabu do I place my bid on these two toys, I want his and hers then I surprise Simon with his as he lands back from Mauritius biz trip,” she concluded.

Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) announced plans to auction about 73 planes that had been earmarked for disposal.

KAA, in a public auction notice, invited interested parties to bid for the planes that remain unpaid for by their respective owners or uncollected.






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