Broke Men Chew Better Than Rich Ones- Huddah Monroe

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While most ladies will always shy away from dating broke guys, there are some of them who would not mind doing so. Well, Kenyan socialite cum businesswoman Huddah Monroe is one of them.


Despite being classy and would naturally associate with well-monied individuals, Huddah has a soft spot for broke men when it comes to bedroom affairs.

While engaging her followers on an Instagram Q&A, the curvy boss lady advised her female fans to always look for broke men if they needed bedroom satisfaction.

Find you a man darling, don’t look for his wallet if you want good sex. Broke ones f*k best she wrote

According to Huddah, broke men perform better in bed because they have the natural urge to make up for their financial deficiencies. These men would probably put their attention on the quality of life rather than a life of luxury and in which quality of life would include great and frequent sex.

The controversial celebrity further urged her fans to watch more x- rated content to reach their orgasm.

Orgasm starts in the mind! Watch more porn lol! And touch yourself





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