Chipukeezy responds to claims of beef with comedian Kartelo

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Former Churchill Show comedian Vincent Muasya Mutua popularly known as Chipukeezy has for the first time responded to rumors that the no longer see eye to eye with former show host Kartelo.


The rumors were sparked by revelations that the two entertainers no longer follow one another on Instagram.

However, the NACADA Vice Chairperson on Wednesday took to his Instagram page to set the record straight while terming the rumors as far from the truth.

“Sidhani nili-unfollow Kartelo. Sisi ni watu wa Ghetto na tuko tu sawa. Hata wewe kwa Instagram yako unaweza pata ume-unfollow…so wacheni kuwa petty wasee. Kwani tunadate, ati sasa tuki-unfollow each other kuna noma. Wacheni Ujinga, Si pia nani aliunfollow mbona hiyo hamkuona,” he said in a long video. 

Chipu further refuted claims that he unfollowed Kartelo while also assuring the latter’s followers that he is okay.

Hata we have not unfollowed each other, hiyo propaganda wasee wanataka ku-spread ni bullshit. Kartelo ako sawa na ni boy wangu. Kartelo mtamuona hivi karibuni akifanya show. Kartelo ako sawa. Acha niwaambie, Acheni ku-encourage hiyo usanii ya hype. Usanii ya Hyoe haiwezi tusaidia, inaffa tufanye usanii iko na reason. You don’t have to be present on social media to prove a point that you are relevant. Appear when you have something good for the people, you don’t have keep on pressuring someone like you guys are doing on Kartelo.



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Fans had expressed their concerns over Kartelo’s well being after the content creator went silent on social media from early February.

He would later reappear in public in a video shared by fellow comedian Mulamwah who had visited him at his residence in Kayole.




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