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Churchil Show Comedian Nasra Yusuf Weds In A Colorful Wedding Ceremony

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Yusuf Nasra, Churchill show comedian wedded the love of her life, Rashid Bin Abdulla, in a colourful wedding ceremony on Sunday 25th 2021.


Sarah who couldn’t hide her joy posted a picture of herself and the main man of the moment on her Instagram page with a beautiful caption.

“Oh yeah guys,on the 25th of april 2021 I got married to my best friend!!!😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕💕”

Abdalla who is the groom shared how he is happy to be with her, appreciated her on his page with a caption

“💖💖Huwa namshukuru Mungu siku zote kwa kunipatanisha na huyu malkia @nasrayusuff …. Moyo ulimkubali asilimia mia tena bila hofu yakuwa yeye tu ndio anafaa kuwa mke wangu.. ALHAMDULILLAH hiyo ilikuwa ndoto na sasa imetimia 🤲
Nakupenda sana mke wangu na naahidi kukutunza milele in sha Allah……
#Nasrashid sasa imeunganishwa kihalali hakuna wakutenganisha hii neema ya Allah

Abdalla proposed to Nasra on 18th February.

” I said yesssssss to my to the love of my life…my friend!… I love you @ director – Rashid ” Nasra wrote.
Rashid seems to have planned the surprise event at his home with the help of a fried Faruq .

Nasra walked in blindfolded and when she remained the red piece of cloth ,Rashid was on his knees with a ring in his hand .The room was filled with red roses and there was a cake written on it ‘ Bebe Will you marry me?” 


He popped the question and the beautiful comedian said yes.


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A post shared by R.A.S.H.I.D (@director_rashid)

“She said yes @nasrayusuff, beb i always tell you i have never loved someone else the way I love you … Kwa vile nikiwa na wewe mimi huwa na raha , nataka hii raha nipate for the rest of my life… Thank you love,” He wrote on his Instagram.

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