“Come For Your Phone I am Suffering” A Man Who Had Pickpocketed Me Called

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I had woken up to a busy day ahead as I had to make a few deliveries assigned to me at various locations in the outskirts of the city when the worst happened, I was finalizing my deliveries at River road Nairobi when three men armed with a pistol approached me and robbed me off all my belongings including my expensive apple I phone that I had just bought a week before at a cost of Kenyan shillings one hundred and eighty thousand (180000) you can imagine.


How would you feel if you were the one, working really hard In life to buy such kind of a phone and just someone comes and takes it easily, how would you feel, I was so angry that I decided to follow them and try to confront them, I couldn’t imagine Kenyan shillings 180,000 was just going like that.

My try to catch them did not bear any fruit as the three vanished away and I was unable to trace where they went, I hurriedly went to the Central police station at Nairobi central business district and reported the matter, the officers promised to track the phone in just a few days and that I should not worry myself, I was going to get it with ease, I believed what the officer said and went home somehow relieved knowing that in three days’ time I was going to have my phone back just as the officers had promised, to my disappointment when I visited the police station for the second time, Nothing had been found the officers were demanding a bribe of Kenyan shillings twenty thousand to help me out, I didn’t have the cash so I left the police station with anger and a lot of pain.

I came to learn that the police will only try to swaddle you off some cash in the name of helping you, but you will never be helped, a few people I knew had been robbed off not once but several times at Nairobi central business district, reporting the matter to the central police station but nothing has been done, a colleague of mine told me that he was pickpocketed at day time and never got his property back despite his numerous visits to the central police post.

Until he got help from a herbal doctor, Doctor kiwanga, he gave me the number and without hesitance, I did call doctor kiwanga and explained everything that had transpired, the doctor informed me that it was easy and that I was going to get my phone in just a few days, he did cast a spell saying that it was going to make the thief bring the phone by himself, two days after the spell I got a call from an unknown number, it belonged to the thieves who had just robbed me off the street, In cries, they apologized. “Come for your phone at river road where we pickpocketed you we are suffering,” they said that evening they got a thorough beating from a person they were not able to see.

The following day early in the morning I was at river road area Nairobi met the robbers and they gave me my expensive i-phone, apologizing that they were not going to steal again from anyone, it was their last time.

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