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Comedian Mammitto hits at women flocking Edgar Obare’s page for gossip

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A lot has been happening on the internet and it has been about an expose by a popular blogger Edgar Obare.


Obare has in recent past been the master of gossip with exposes touching on celebrities’ alleged extramarital dealings. This is all thanks to women who slide into his DM to provide the related leads.

However, many have not been impressed by how the exposes ended up to destroy families as well as job opportunities for the victims. Churchill Show comedian Mammitto is the latest to weigh into the matter.

In a comical post, Mammitto urged women to use social media platforms constructively rather than for gossips.

“Let’s use the energy to build the nation not to destroy marriages,” she said in a video shared on her Instagram page.

In a satirical analogy, the comedian urged women to expose corruption rather than engaging in non-productive gossip.

“If ladies used the same skill to fight corruption, by reporting corrupt leaders to Edgar Obare, right now we would have electrical trains,” she added.

“That’s how far we can go. We would be like ‘Hi Edgar he sent me Sh200,000 for my hair but I didn’t take it because it is CDF money.”


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What if we used Edgar’s platform to fight corruption 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Just a thought

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