Convict George Kinoti Lands Top International Job

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The Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti has on Thursday 25th  morning been elected to the INTERPOL executive committee, during the 89th session of the INTERPOL General Assembly, in Istanbul, Turkey.

The DCI chief who was voted in overwhelmingly will represent Africa for 3 years, at the key security organ that brings together over 195 member states from across the world.

Mr. Kinoti’s election to the decision-making table of the world’s largest police organization is an endorsement of the strategies that our country has put in place in the management of crime, especially in counter-terrorism, organized crime, cybercrime, and transnational crimes among others.

It is also a vote of confidence in the Directorate of Criminal Investigations at the global stage, on the manner that we have continued to discharge our mandate in the recent past.  DCI Headquarters hosts the INTERPOL regional bureau for East and Central Africa as well as the Eastern Africa Counter-Terrorism Centre of Excellence, where all counter terror-related operations within the region are coordinated.

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With the DCI lessons and experiences in the fight against terror, Kenya’s election to the executive committee of the general assembly couldn’t have come at a better time.

While making his acceptance speech, Mr. Kinoti has acknowledged the efforts put in place by member countries in crime management and called upon them to work together, especially in the fight against terror. “The realization that we cannot fight this monster alone has contributed to the successes that we have registered across the world so far, as a result of cooperation and information sharing between our different countries and security agencies,” said the DCI chief.

Established OVER 100 years ago, INTERPOL works in conjunction with all member countries and international organizations including the United Nations to combat international crime.

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