David Osiany, From Student Leader, Raila’s Advisor To Chief Administrative Secretary

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Where his peers drown in the vastness and cacophony of youth, he stands out; where others appear as no more than table mats, his intellect spreads like a Persian rag; wall-to-wall. Where the fumbling and rumblings of others reduce them to the size of a poster on a large wall, drawing no more than a sigh, his eloquence grips, like a fine painting mounted on a wall


Meet David Osiany- the former University of Nairobi student leader; a former Raila Odinga adviser, Entrepreneur, Public Intellectual, and now the new CAS in the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development,

One might argue that he is just a beneficiary of the camaraderie between President Uhuru Kenyatta and the ODM Supremo, Raila- a man he advised on Youth matters during his Prime Minister days.

But the euphoria and glee that met the announcement of his new position tell of one who has joined, in marital bliss, the ability to be a people’s person and retain his independent-mindedness. A man inured to meritocracy and extolls decency

It is not difficult to decipher why: He is a generously built man, bronzed by providence, or you can refer to his complexion as regal black. When he walks in, his gait draws all his height, youth, and training into an obelisk of dignity. His boisterous laughter has a way of reaching out, putting its arms around people; a personality infused with sophistication, the gift of garb, humor, and religion.

Osiany made history when he became the first second-year student to head Sonu in 2009/2010; and when disgruntled peers stormed his room claiming he was a puppet of the Administration, his response?

“If an accomplished professor of urology needed a project for student leadership, it would be so foolish for him to look for a second-year,”

The man who feels Nyanza politics is not that of captives, but of liberators who invested heavily in the last two liberation struggles in this country- tried his hand at the Rongo Parliamentary seat in 2017, but ‘left’ honorably for the incumbent Paul Abuor to have the dance floor- so that in the near future, he shows him how dance steps are calculated

He feels the Kenyan youth must secure the democratic gains made by our fathers and invest in professional development and intellectual curiosity necessary for the demands of the 21st-century world.

How does he juggle politics and remain deeply religious?

“I am persuaded and deeply convicted of the fact that it is possible for one to retain sanity, focus, uprightness, and a sense of fair judgment even in politics. Daniel and Joseph in the Bible were Governor and Prime Minister respectively, political offices, but they remained true to their Christian principles,”

And he has an impressive resume. A quick check on his website reveals thus

“David Osiany is a Policy Communications expert with extensive multiculturalism experience in strategic communications and government relations, having worked in government, private sector, and civil society. He served as an Adviser to the former Prime Minister of Kenya on youth affairs and also worked for Oxfam GB Pan-African program as a Governance Associate. Previously he worked as a news anchor for Kenya’s leading broadcasting group, Royal Media Services’ HOT96 FM and continues to be engaged by the region’s leading media stations in policy and political analysis. Mr. Osiany holds a BA (Comms) from the University of Nairobi and an (MSc) degree in Public Policy from the University of Bristol, England courtesy of the prestigious Chevening Scholarship program. He is also a UNEP-Bayer Young Environmental Envoy awardee (2009).”

Does he hope to be President someday?

“It is humbling to be thought of as a future president of Kenya. When the time comes and those proposals are made, though, I will make my stand known.”

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