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Did Husband Losing Senate Position Send Isaac Mwaura’s Wife Into Depression?

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Though they are five years strong in the manacle that is called marriage, former nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura’s wife, Nelius Mukami, largely remained in the shadows.


Though she could occasionally pop up on mainstream media to talk about the loss of her two kids during childbirth (she was carrying triplets), her social media presence was nonchalant.

But when her hubby’s political woes became more pronounced, she became more conspicuous online and her messages were a little unsettling, thus becoming fodder for blogs that she might be projecting marital woes

Mwaura and Nelius exchanged vows in 2015 in a colorful wedding that saw them pay a visit to President Uhuru Kenyatta at Statehouse

Until Mukami started posting,

“Don’t let your loyalty become slavery. If they don’t appreciate what you bring to the table. Then let them eat alone.”

While it’s not clear whether the cryptic messages are dedicated to her husband, sources intimate that Mwaura’s marriage has been facing a rough patch due to financial shortcomings caused by his political woes. Other quarters claimed infidelity

And now Mukami has opened up on her battle with depression. In a lengthy post on her social media pages, she referred to depression coupled with pain and trauma as the most expensive things she owns.

She added that living with depression, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the hardest things she has had to deal with her.

“It has taken a lot from me, and it continues taking. It takes so much effort to avoid it, and it still finds me even in my happiest of days and in my solitude.”

“Somedays, even finding the strength to wake up in the morning and be functional is difficult, but nobody understands that it takes everything in me just to drag myself out of bed.”

Mukami further revealed that depression has continued to rob her of experiences, memories, and people.

“I have big dreams and big plans and great ambition, but I am always hesitant to publish an article, Post a YouTube Video, or even a simple photo. My Anxiety always manages to convince me that the work is not good enough and that I am not Good Enough; it tells me that people will see me as a fraud and realize I am not as good as I think. I do not feel worthy of the compliments and the achievements,” she added.

Talking about her mental health has taken courage and strength, as many don’t understand her struggles.

“Every day that I live am grateful, every day that I get out of bed and take a shower even leave the house is a great win for me. I know deep down that I am not broken, and I am worthy. I know there is still so much for me to conquer. I have spent so much time Grieving the person I was and forgotten to be grateful for the woman I am becoming. I am a work in progress,” she said.

Mukami joins politician Rachel Shebesh as the personality who have freely discussed the mental health challenges in the recent past.

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