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Disbelief as Kangundo Man is Arrested For Killing Two Goats During Vigorous Carnal Knowledge

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A middle-aged man from Kinyai village, Kangundo constituency in Machakos county is a guest of the state after having vehement carnal knowledge with two goats in the pasturelands resulting to the animals untimely death after they failed to withstand injuries sustained during the anomalous act.


According to locals who are yet to come to terms with the ugly incident, the miscreant was busted right in the act with the animals, servicing them in turns during evening hours.

The goats owner initially wanted the young man be given a dog’s beating but the plan was foiled after a local assistant chief intervened and proposed legal action over violence.

Local police swiftly acted on the assistant chief’s calls and apprehended the visibly shaken young man who was totally lost of words.

During the arrest, the shocked officers did not mince their words as they loudly uttered, ” wewe tafuta bibi, sio kuleta aibu kama hii!”.

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The equally displeased locals wondered why the young man failed to woo even a single woman in the neighborhood to quench his ‘thirst’ instead of engaging in such a shameful act.

The man will now be charged for bestiality which is considered a felony in Kenya according to section 162(b) of the penal code which states;

“….a person guilty of having carnal knowledge of an animal is liable for imprisonment for upto 14 years”. And under section 163 it is stipulated that a person who attempts to commit any unnatural offence is liable to imprisonment for 7 years.

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