DJ Creme’s Wife Takes Off With Kids Months After He Relocated to Kericho

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It began with a very telling message on Instagram from decorated Disk Jockey George Njuguna, popularly known as Crème de la Crème.


It was a message that cast aspersions on marriage labeling it a scam. His hundreds of thousands of fans were left and of course with speculations rife that his relationship of almost 15 years had hit a berg and the ship was sinking.

On his Instagram stories, De La Crème said: “Marriage is a scam. Don’t let anybody lie to you!” An hour later, on his feed, he posted a black and white photo while smoking and captioned, “Imma Be Aight.”

He has, albeit in a restrained manner addressed the issue when contacted by The Standard.

A hesitant Creme said he was currently alone after his fiancée Denise took their two children and left.

“I don’t really want to talk about this but what I can tell you is that at the moment I am alone. My wife took the kids so I’m living one day at a time. You know as a man you just have to deal with life,” said Crème.

He added: “I am here (Kericho) where I am building a club and a restaurant…But I am easy, haina pressure. Every good thing comes to an end.”

Early this year, DJ Crème took to Instagram to announce he had finally proposed to his then-girlfriend after being together for 14 years.

Posting a photo of Denise’s hand with a ring on, the deejay admitted to putting his fiancée through a lot, adding that he wanted to love her forever.

“It took me 14 Years. 14 Loong Years to ask my Best Friend, My confidant, Mother to my kids, My Forever Person to Marry Me? I know I’ve stressed you out so many times @deekingsky, but My Heart and All I got belongs to you. I wanna Love you forever,” said Crème de la Crème.

However, a scroll through Crème’s Instagram feed shows he has deleted Denise’s photos, including the engagement one.

In 2020, Dj Crème relocated to Kericho with Denise and their children due to Covid-19 effects on his career and the entertainment industry. The deejay vowed never to return to Nairobi despite operating in the city for 17 years, saying life in the countryside was much better, cheaper, and more peaceful.

According to Crème, Denise had a hard time relocating to Kericho, having lived in the city her whole life.

“My wife couldn’t believe we were actually moving, but this was important if we were to manage life through the hard times. We had to swallow our pride, even as everyone wondered how I, arguably Kenya’s best deejay, would move back to what you would call village life. I knew this was the only way out and explained to my wife that we would start all over again,” said Dj Crème.

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