Do Not Fight Each Other Because Of Them

A rare picture of Opposition leader Raila Odinga and Deputy President Dr. William Samoei Ruto greeting each at the funeral of Kisii Deputy Governor’s father.

Those two leaders who we are perceived to believe are enemies were talking and laughing at each other.


These leaders are never enemies, they usually meet, drink, and discuss business, while you and I will be hating one other because of a certain politician who does not even care about what you ate yesterday.

Its a lesson that we should learn, It doesn’t matter whoever you are supporting, But do not fight because of a politician.

They will come to us with 1001 promise, Promises that they will not honor, while you will be languishing in poverty, they will be driving huge cars tinted in black, waiting for another five years to come and fool you again.

Tusikubali kututmika kisiasa. Chagua Amani, Epuka Ujinga.


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