‘Don’t ever address me or use my name again’ Eric Omondi fires at Ezekiel Mutua over unrated content

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It seems comedian Eric Omondi is fed up with Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua and is not taking in his antics anymore.


Mutua on Wednesday hit out at Eric while addressing the trending news about underage youths involving themselves in immoral behaviors.

In a hard-hitting address, the moral cop asked the comedian to respect himself and put disclaimers on his explicit content.

“People like Eric Omondi, you wonder what kind of madman is this. You are showing your face on videos in a way that is not appropriate and you are an adult, then call yourself king of comedy in Africa, then why don’t you respect yourself?” Mutua said.

However, the funnyman has returned the bullet with some unkind words for Mutua challenging him to stop clout chasing.

“Dr. Ezekiel Mutua. This is your last warning. This is not the way to address the president of an entire continent. Stop using my name in cheap PUBLICITY stunt,” he said.

The Big Tyme Entertainment CEO further urged Mutua to visit his studios and make contributions that can help in uplifting other talents.

“I have never understood what you do for a living. You have not helped the entertainment industry in any way. So you flew all the way to Mombasa to do this press conference, hiyo pesa ungenipatia niongeze nayo cameras kwa studio zangu so that we can shoot more videos for more talented young Kenyans.”

The furious Eric also warned Mutua against using his name or addressing him entirely.

“You don’t know my story! You don’t understand my process!” Eric declared.



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