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Drama As Snake Drops From Sky, Lands in a Car, Bites Kitui County Employee

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If you thought fiction was exaggerated and strange, wait until life gives you real-life out-of-this-world situations.


Now imagine chilling in a car, then a snake lands from nowhere-nay-from the sky. Personally, imagining the same makes me want to go numb, so that I do not think, feel, heck, let alone imagine.

But it did happen to one David Musyoka, a County employee. One of the theories is that an eagle had picked a snake for its meal but the reptile was not ending up as lunch without a fight. As it wiggled out of the claws of the bird predator, it landed on the car of a Kitui County government employee minding his own business

David says he was driving towards Mwingi town when a snake freed itself from the talons of an eagle and dropped on top of his car.

According to Musyoka, before he could do anything, the snake found its way inside the car and bit his left arm.

He immediately stopped the car and jumped out with the snake still hanging onto his arm and called for help.

Nearby residents of Kwa Mbungu market rushed to his rescue and killed the snake then gave him first aid.

However, in a shocking turn of events, the residents said the eagle emerged out of nowhere again and picked the dead snake right back up, and flew away with it.

The management of Mwingi Level IV Hospital, where Musyoka was admitted, has since said the snake bite has been fully treated and the patient is recuperating well.

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