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Emmy Kosgei Responds To ‘Childless’ Claim, Gushes Over Hubby as They Clock 8 Years

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For the umpteenth time, gospel guru Emmy Kosgei has addressed her ‘childless debate’


Kosgei has recently celebrated 8 years of marital bliss with her Nigerian husband Apostle Anselm Madubuko.

While celebrating the anniversary, Emmy wrote;

“On a day like this, I said yes!! Happy Anniversary to us !!!! 8years of bliss! of wifing this great general who has endlessly thieved this #nubianqueens’ heart thank you JESUS!!!! This 9th year we step into oil and butter as Asher in Jesus mighty name … Selah.”

Speaking in an interview with a local media house, Emmy said that she has chosen not to bow to any pressure noting that God is directing their union.

“I don’t set bars, that by this year, by this year… I’ve learned that our lives – it’s like we are acting a movie. God is directing everything. So the worst thing in life is to be under pressure. To me, when the right time comes, we embrace it,” she said.

“I don’t live with expectations,” she added.

Further, the ‘Taunet Nelel’ hit singer revealed that she has two stepdaughters adding that she is already a grandmother.

“We have kids and grandchildren already,” Emmy stated.

Emmy has also revealed that she was not eager to get married to the Apostle.

I actually didn’t want it. Because I grew up in a pastor’s house! My mother is a pastor, my father is a bishop, my brother-in-law is a bishop, my sister is a reverend – I’m surrounded by pastors.

I’ve grown in it. So I wanted something different – a quiet life. I never thought I would be in that position but I have come to appreciate it, Emmy Kosgei said.

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