End Times? Brothers Allegedly Kill and Dip Their Father in a Well Over Inheritance Row

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Police retrieving the body


Fear and desolation has gripped Raganga village in Kisii County after two brothers strangled their own biological father to death before dipping him into the homestead well in a bid to conceal their evil undertaking.

The old man’s lifeless body which was in the process of decomposing was noticed the curious villager who came to fetch water without permission after the heartless brothers blocked locals from fetching water in the family well.

Police in a local police post in Raganga were notified prompting them to swiftly act where they successfully retrieved the old man’s body which had several bruises.

Preliminary investigations have since established that the family was embroiled in a long-term inheritance row where the son’s wanted to get their share and dispose off but their aging father stood his ground saying that no piece of land will be sold so long as he is alive.

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Days turned to months and months turned to years but the sickly father was not passing on.

It is alleged that the brothers now felt that their father was taking too long to die prompting them to hatch the evil plan to terminate his life and benefit from the properties under his name.

The incident has since left the local community and Kenyans on social media in unexplainable shock of how evil people can be especially family members.

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Reactions from a number of Kenyans included;

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