Family disowns body reported to belong to one of the four Kitengela missing friends

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The family of one of the four missing Kitengela friends whose body was reportedly found in Muranga county on Thursday, April 29 has said the body doesn’t belong to their kin.


Speaking on the widely reported gruesome murder of Jack Ochieng, his brother Cliff Ochieng has said that the body parts don’t resemble his brother’s.

“We came to Murang’a to identify him but the body that we saw is not my brother’s. The body is still fresh and I can say for a fact that he is not my brother.

“His ear is not the same, his teeth, hairstyle are different and the clothes he was wearing are not his,” Ochieng told Kenyans.co.ke. 

Cliff further dismissed claims that his brother had criminal records adding that he was an astute businessperson.

“When he stopped working, he engaged in a number of businesses including car hires where he was well connected. He would take vehicles from firms and hire them out especially because he had a wide network.”

While admitting that Jack was a well-connected person who had a lot of friends, Cliff disclosed that he had never met the other three individuals who were reported to be in his company at the time of his disappearance.

Ochieng, Benjamin Imbai, Brian Odour and Elijah Obuong, disappeared after having lunch together at a joint in Kitengela. went missing after having lunch at a popular club in Kitengela on Monday.

The body of Benjamin would later be found at the General Kago Funeral Home in Thika while that of Elijah was found in Mathioya River.







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