Family Drama! Joho Fires His Elder Brother Who Retaliates By Joining UDA

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When the now-defunct local Hip Hop group identified as Mashifta sang their hit release- Pesa, Pombe, Siasa na Wanawake, they had no clue just how relatable their message was and continues to be


Turns out, the wanaume that can easily sever ties because of women, money, liquor, or politics do not have to necessarily be strangers or friends, it could be family- with blood ties

And now Politics has stirred discord in the Joho Family. His elder brother Mohammed Amir on Monday publicly declared his decision to join Deputy President William Ruto allied UDA; with reports rife that he has been engaging the party for more than six months

Amir has also consequently declared his interest in the Mombasa senator seat. He was received by UDA stalwart and former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar, UDA national organizing secretary Karisa Nzai and county coordinator Samir Abdalla at the Mombasa Hustler Centre in Nyali.

Pundits could not help but notice his defiant political trajectory since other members of the family are ODM stalwarts. Joho is ODM deputy party leader and is known to fiercely flay the Deputy President

Brought back to Kenya towards the end of 2017 from Canada where he was working, Amir was installed in the powerful position of head of the Mombasa county inspectorate, replacing Nahid Musa who was retiring in early January 2018 according to the Star

He was however unceremoniously shown the door and replaced by Said Gullet, alias Nyerere. The reasons for the same remain scanty but corridors claim he was “uncooperative”.

Born of the same father but different mothers, Amir and Joho are not particularly close.

Described as a soft-spoken man, Amir has avoided the limelight, choosing to quietly go about his business

He got a job as the officer in charge of charitable programs at Mombasa Cement, helping philanthropic CEO Hasmukh Patel build a good image with his charitable activities, especially at the Sahajanand Special School.

He claims that his decision to UDA was informed by the agenda of the party and the interests of residents. He said he is a neutral and fair person who is always looking out for the best interests of the people he serves.

“We have to look at the political wave and the agenda for the people. I figured UDA, at this time, are the ones that are having the right agenda for the people,” Amir said, adding curtly that there is no political beef between him and “anyone else”.

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