Five Teachers Arrested After Thoroughly Canned A Class 8 Pupil

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5 teachers from St. Augustine Mukumu Boys Primary School in Kakamega county have been arrested by police for assaulting a class eight pupil.


The police report indicates that the pupil aged 14 years reported the matter at Khayega Police Station, Kakamega East Sub-county.

“Refer to Ob. 22/19/10/2021 where the Complainant one ….a male juvenile aged 14 years and a class 8 pupil from St. Augustine Mukumu Boys Primary School had reported a case of assault by teachers in the said school,” the police report read in part.

The report further said upon completion of investigations, police have arrested five teachers in connection to the assault.

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“After completion of investigations the following suspects were arrested Adelaide Athaka Majoni, Vincent Kadasia Mbakaya, Argedius Lubembe , Victor Andove Achesa , Eglay Lungatso Lilungu all teachers in the above-named school,” the police report detailed.

The five were later on released on a cash bail of Ksh10,000 each.

They will appear before the Kakamega Chief Magistrate’s Court, on Monday, November 22 to face charges of assault and corporal punishment.

The incident comes at a time when parents and education stakeholders are considering reintroduction of corporal punishment in schools to instill alleged run-away discipline in schools.

This follows numerous cases of fire incidents in schools that were allegedly caused by unruly students.

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