FLAT SCREEN: How Vera Sidika got a man to body shame his wife

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Normally couples look up to their partners for encouragement and support.


Unfortunately for some people, they are in relationships with partners who sneer them about their weight, skin color or just missing a fleshy behind.

It is quite tear-jerking to be taunted, either directly or through insinuations, by someone whose opinion you value more than anybody else.

Well this is the feeling of a fan who opened up to businesswoman Vera Sidika over an ordeal with her husband who had met the bootylicious babes.

Vera had taken to her Insta Stories to reveal how crazy her Nairobi fans get whenever they meet her.

” I have such sweet fans both Nairobi and Mombasa. But here (in Mombasa) they’ll spot you and smile or be shy to approach you. Sometimes I would wave and even ask them to come take a pic. So they’ll not be in my space, they admire from far,” she wrote. 

” Now in Nairobi, this is how it is; OMG Vera Sidika I can’t believe it. ‘Jumps on me and hugs while taking a selfie.’ I must take a pic with you coz my pals won’s believe if I say I met you. Or.. Can I have your number?.. Or… Can you take a pic with your phone and send to me lol.’ They don’t even ask for pics sometimes they are just too excited to see me and get in the zone.” 

While reacting to the story, an unidentified woman revealed how her husband was over the moon when he met Vera but scornfully compared the socialite’s booty with her flat flesh.

” My hubby saw you one day at the gate hapo kwa your spa and he was so excited. It was the first thing he told me when he reached home. He couldn’t believe what he saw. Comparing wife yake ni flat screen,” she wrote. 

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