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‘Help Me Raise School Fees For My Children’s, Pleads Former Tahidi High Actress

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Former Tahidi High Actress Joyce Kimani aka Kellen has petitioned his fans and well-wishers to assist her to raise school fees for her two children.


Kellen said she needs Ksh.71,000 urgently for her daughter who is in form four to allow her to sit for KCSE exams adding that she also has a son who is in form two and is currently at home due to a shortage of school fees.

“We were left without any income since the show (Tahidi High) stopped airing and life has been very difficult on my side and I have a fee balance of about Ksh 71k “, she explained.

She continued: “I have been living from hand to mouth, moving from one cheap house to the other while still trying to educate my children but now everything has become overburden.”

According to the report, Kellen is an orphan who grew up in a children’s home.

She also disclosed that the canvas she is currently using is worn out saying she can’t even pay her rent.

“I have been trying to do food business but the pandemic has made me make losses as I end up throwing food and this has affected me,” added the entertainer.

This happens only a few weeks after Omosh, another former Tahidi high actor received support from well-wishers after publicly requested for assistance.





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