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From The Death Of President Magufuli, We Clearly Learn


Life is too short and so we should live to the fullest each day at a time leaving nothing for tomorrow.


We should always make wise decisions and take the necessary chances. We should never ignore anything and we should always investigate everything before taking sides.

We should live maximumly without regrets and without holding back. We only have one chance to live.

We should be nice to people because you never know what tomorrow holds, maybe those you are closing out of your borders are the ones that are meant to carry your caskets and burry you😁😁

We should always work towards living to leave a legacy. How can people remember you? Did you make people smile? Did you assist others to go to the next level We should make our ways with God?

What if Magufuli said I’ll be saved next year? Or tomorrow? Make your ways with your creator while you still live.

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