Gospel Artist Justina Syokau Causes Stir after Claiming Ringtone Cannot Satisfy Her in Bed

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The Kenyan gospel industry is so inundated with controversy that even Satan would be in awe. Singer Justina Syokau has more sentiments to dispense following her recent disclosure that she has hots for fellow artist Alex Apoko aka Ringtone.


Justina who only recently was bailed out of financial abyss by online wellwishers is also on record claiming she cannot settle with a broke man. And Apoko ‘Ringtone’ is a man of means. Well, perhaps subtly but he is no beggar.

One would wonder what version of the Bible the ilk of Justina subscribe to given the provers 31 woman toils hard to care for her household without waiting for alms from her husband.

Speaking during an interview at a local TV station, Justina said she is not so sure about Ringtone’s prowess in other areas due to his physique.

Lakini kwa kutosha mboga sidhani Apoko anaweza, unajua mimi I am a Kamba you have to tosha mboga ile side, so kama Apoko hatoshi mboga.

She agreed that Ringtone is attractive but said she does not like the fact that he talks too much.

“Ringtone is attractive, rich…but he’s slender and talks a lot… If we both talk in the house our marriage will not work,” she added.

This comes just weeks after she said she would consider getting married to him because he is rarely mentioned in scandals involving women.

“I have not seen any rumors or scandals linking him to women. Even if I find he has an issue when it comes to ‘bed matters’ I can be patient with him as long as he has money. You know if there is anyone who loves you in this Nairobi it’s Justina Syokau. Ringtone is giving me sleepless nights in this city,” she said.

Commenting on her dance styles, Justina said her energetic moves should not be likened to twerking because she is naturally ‘gifted’ and even a routine dance might be mistaken for other things.

“I don’t twerk… most people who twerk wear deras. But mine, as you can see, it is intact. Even if I want to twerk, it cannot twerk. It can’t shake… I am born again…even my thing is born again…Jesus cannot allow this thing to twerk…I have never twerked but I shake my everything,” she said.

“When twerking, most people do it while putting on a dera, and then it is loose, but mine is tight, even if I shake, it does not move,” Syokau added as she bent over, shaking her hips sideways.

The ‘Twendi Twendi’ hitmaker further stated that her hips and body belongs to Jesus Christ adding that even if she wanted to twerk, Christ would not allow her.

“People say that I twerk…,” she said while bending over and shaking her hips, “but you see, my thing (touches her behind) God ameiumba intact,” Syokau said.

She further defended herself, saying her dancing style which appears like twerking is basically how members of the Akamba community dance.

“You see Amina, every tribe in Kenya has their own dancing style. You will see Luhyas with their mabegas, Maasai’s with their whatever and us Kambas (swings her legs as she slightly leans forward while her back is arched) we just dance like this and it is not twerking,” Syokau said.

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