Gospel Artist Rafftone To Vie For Senatorial Seat

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Pioneer gospel artist Roy Smith Mwatia commonly known as Rufftone revealed that he will be in the race to vie for the Senatorial position in Nairobi in the coming 2022 general election.


Speaking on an interview with Churchill, Rufftone said that “I am disclosing this for the first time in regards to what the future holds for Rufftone. You are looking at the new incoming Nairobi Senator, Mr. Roy Smith Mwita.”

 The Mungu Baba hitmaker will be joining other Kenyan musicians such as Jalangp, Frasha, Gabu, and Prezzo in lining up to run for office in the 2022 General Elections.

Rufftone had sometimes hinted that he was under pressure to join politics.

“I’m really under pressure to vie in the coming elections. I have been praying a lot and I have come up with a decision to go for it,” he said.

“You need to implement some things as a legislator and not a victim because if you are a victim from outside, you are limited. If you are a victim from within, you know where it bites the most and so it is easier to implement.

“This is our time as young people to come out and start leading from the front,” he said.

Before getting into politics, he said that he would embark on on-campus tours across the country

“Working with Lampstand Events, we are very intentional with the initiative dubbed ‘Pure Praise’ where we do campus tours all over the country to deliver the Good News of Christ.” He said.

His first tour was at Machakos University on November 20. Journalist Wahiga Mwaura, Daddy Owen, Moji Short Baba, Krystal, Florence Andenyi, Pastor T, Asembo, Fidel Atondola, Dj Nevs, Papa Tomaso, and Ottezy were among those featured.

Over 4000 people attended his show;  his next show will be at the Huruma grounds in Eldoret on December 5.



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