Graft? Busia County on The Spot For Acquiring Clay Bricks Sold at Sh 8 for Sh 110

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Clay bricks ready for sale


Busia County under the stewardship of second-term governor Sospeter Ojaamong is the talk of the town following the leaking of one of its department’s local purchase orders containing abnormal billings on locally sourced construction materials.

According to the now-viral local purchase order originating from the department of education and vocational training and duly signed by the then chief officer Lydia Nabwire, residents were shocked that burnt clay bricks which are locally sold for shillings between 7 and 10 per unit were instead acquired at shillings 110. An amount that is 10 times the maximum price of the local building material.

Cement that retails for shillings between 600 and 700 depending on purchase hardware was instead bought at a whooping sh1,287, an amount double the normal price range.

Elsewhere in the same local purchase order indicates that ordinary nails were acquired for Sh 300 per kg, which contradicts existing local retail prices, which range between Sh140 to 160 per kg.

All the items acquired were double the normal price and beyond ending up costing 1,599,240 shillings of taxpayers money.

Basing on the leaked local purchase order, locals are now saying that such exaggerations are the avenues used by the corrupt County officials to get kickbacks from rogue businessmen trading with the county government.

Residents are also shocked that the chief officer who signed the controversial LPO is now heavily campaigning to the elected as the county’s women senator in the oncoming general elections.

Chief Officer Lydia Nabwire

This is not the first time Ojaamong’s administration is on the radar of both the public and anti-corruption agencies. On July 4th 2018, Ethics and anti-corruption commission sleuths arrested and handcuffed the governor alongside co-accused in a humbling experience for a state officer used to trappings of power and opulence.

They were later charged at the Milimani anti-corruption law courts in Nairobi over misappropriation of public funds where they were slapped with seven counts of corruption-related charges.

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Ojaamong and co-accused at Milimani anti-corruption law courts

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