Here Is The Shocking Reasons Why a Church Returned Simba Arati’s 100k Donation

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The Catholic Diocese of Kisii has returned KSh 100,000 donated to the church by Dagoretti North MP Paul Simba Arati.


This was confirmed by a senior pastor from the church who said they took the decision due to disrespect from the youthful politician.

Bishop Joseph Mairura, on his part, cautioned politicians against misusing the alter for their personal gains

”Let me warn our politicians that you cannot succeed by fighting God and the Church. Those who do that stand cursed and will not go anywhere,” said Mairura who was addressing mourners at a funeral in the county.

But arati says he is reading mischief, claiming the church is playing politics and is trying to favour his opponents. The legislator, who is moving from city politics to his home county to vie as the governor of kisii claims he had contributed 300000 Kenya shillings.

He now questioning the clerics why they only returned part of the donation.

“I gave out money to several leaders in the church. Why then are they claiming to have returned part of the money? Why are they not returning the rest, which amounts to more than KSh300,000,” he said.

Reports indicates that  all these began after a commotion occurred on Sunday, November 28, in Nyamagwa Catholic Parish during a church service officiated by Herbertus Van Megen, a papal cleric.

“Yes, a problem occurred and there was shouting in the church between supporters of various politicians when I got in. I do not understand why the shouting occurred yet I had been invited to the church by the priests. That is my home constituency,” said Arati.

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