Huddah Says Men With Six Pack Are Broke and Should Focus More on Pockets

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Being ripped will get babes ogling, but a man with a roto tank for a tummy accompanied with an equally bulging pocket is sure to have a bevy of beauties at his feet


That is from socialite Huddah Monroe currently based in Dubai

Huddah in her Insta stories rants feels that women should avoid men with the six-pack as they are all big in the chest and small where it matters-according to her- the pockets

The Huddah beauty products entrepreneur avers that built-men are broke because most tend to spend hours at the gym – forgetting to chase money

“Used to wonder why some guys look like Johnny Bravo. Now I understand it’s cause they have nothing in their pockets! 😂😂😂,”

Well, Huddah is currently balling in Dubai courtesy of an Arabian tycoon, according to sources and so, would this experience?


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