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I am Not A Husband Snatcher- Cate Waruguru

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Laikipia Woman Representative Hon Cate Waruguru recently refuted claims that she is not a husband snatcher as alleged.


The beautiful lawmaker who was recently hosted in an interview was responding to claims from her co-wife who accused her of snatching their husband Peter Waweru.

She said that the businessman Peter Waweru was her childhood friend who seduced her and she accepted.

“The truth of the matter is Peter Waweru is not new to me. He is my childhood friend. Alinikatia na nikakubali. He is my man. Mali safi”. She said

Cate was recently accused of storming at the house of her alleged cowife Zipporah Njoki in Mombasa with an unknown mission insisted that the businessman Peter Waweru whom she is accused of  is her long time friend

“I am not husband snatcher. Mimi Hukatiwa sikatiani (I am chased, I don’t chase). So please ask your men why they chase after me.

“These women who are complaining should do their homework well on their men and check around if there are areas of improvement that probably they need to work on if they need to keep them,” she added.

Waweru who is the Kirinyaga County Chamber of Commerce chairman recently confirmed that Cate Waruguru is his wife and not girlfriend as alleged.

“Cate is my wife and people should stop saying we are dating or whatever they say. She is my wife and we live together,” he said.

He said that he and his ex-wife Zipporah Njoki separated over two years ago and they’re in the middle of divorce over irreconcilable differences.

“She is my ex-wife and we are in the process of divorcing. Cate is no longer my girlfriend and that nonsense of we are cohabiting should stop. Those are allegations.” he added.

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