I Bursted My Wife With Another Man, I Didn’t Fight But Did A Simple Thing

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Marriages has a lot of challenges, don’t just think it’s as cool as it may look to married couples out here, under the carpet, there are many untold stories that affect their marriage in very many different ways. Despite the smiling faces most of them depict to the outside world.


Trust is key in the prosperity of any marriage, and the moment couples lose trust between themselves is the moment a marriage starts to derail, here is my story of how I almost break up with my lovely wife.

I have been in marriage for four years now, my wife and I have been living harmoniously together despite the small issues that arise but we are able to sort them out, I met my wife Angeline via a dating site, before then I had divorced my wife whom I learned to have been cheating on me with my only brother.

So after years of living a single life, I decided to go to a dating site in search of a woman to marry, it wasn’t easy getting one because very many of them who reached out to me only wanted to have a good time and that is it. After a wait that’s when I got what’s app text from Angelika, she had looked at my bio and the kind of woman I wanted so she said she was fit for all the qualities I had uploaded on the site, I invited her for a dinner and after some time, she started coming to my house, After a short period of time we got used to each other, she started to come for sleepovers and leaves in a day or two, we decided to get married so I introduced her to my parents and they were okay with it, I deed to visited his homestead and met her parents who also accepted us to marry. We did a civil marriage thereafter and we became husband and wife.

After two years of marriage, I got a job transfer to Moyale, the northern part of Kenya, due to hardship around that region, I preferred to move there alone and that my wife had to remain in western Kenya since she was a teacher in one of the schools in the region, her seeking a transfer was not easy.

We kept our conversation since we were deeply in love with each other and missing to talk to each other even a single day it felt hurting, that continued for a period of three months and later stopped, my wife stopped calling me on phone the moment I tried to reach her on the phone she would not pick it and when she picked she would say that she was busy and that she was not going to talk, I wondered why would she be busy even at night, I started to smell a rat that there was something fishy going on.

I called my uncle and asked how my family was coping back at home that’s when he told me there was another man coming to my house mostly at night purporting to be a brother to my wife.

I knew if I asked her she would automatically say that nothing was going on, so without her knowledge, I decided to travel back home, got home at around 5 pm in the evening and hanged at the market centre till darkness started to fall, I secretly got at my compound late in the night, and ambushed her to open the door, I was back, she was reluctant to open it but finally open.

when I got in I did not believe what I saw, there was a man half-naked in my seating room, as it looked like they were having sex on my couch.

I confronted her but she said with courage that she had gotten her soul mate and that they were leaving, I didn’t fight the man nor confront him so I let them go since that had happened to me for the second time I was bitter, I wanted to teach them a lesson, I friend had given me a number to a herbal doctor so I did call doctor kiwanga and explained everything he told me to be calm as he was going to sort out the issue and it was easy, after a few days I got a call from my wife that she wanted to come back and she was sorry, her boyfriend had become blind, he also called and apologized and promised never to take someone’s wife, I forgave all of them asked the doctor to heal the man and took my wife back.

Credit to kiwanga doctors I have my wife back, they also deal in the healing of various diseases like Meningitis, syphilis and many more, they also cast real and genuine spells like Money spell, Black magic spell, and many others.

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