I enjoyed It! 13 Year Old Boy Shocks Court after ‘Willingly’ Having S#x With Househelp

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A Nairobi court was on Monday, September 20, 2021, stupefied during a session when a 13-year-old boy testified that he had willingly had sex with their house help for eight months starting July 2020.


The minor whose name cannot be published for obvious reasons claimed that while indeed it was the house help who first introduced him to the same, he could not get enough and kept asking her for more

When asked if he was forced into the act, he said; “No. I felt the urge so I removed my pants to do it without being forced after we did it for the first time.”

He was testifying in-camera after the house help was granted cash bail in February.

The boy told the Nairobi Principal Magistrate that he used to have sex three times a week with the house help whose name initials are V.N.W. He says they did it between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm on those specific days.

“She told me it’s our secret that I should not tell anyone, and as a result, I never told my parents except when I was caught watching pornography using my sister’s phone,” the boy lamented.

K24 reports that the boy opened up on how was usually aroused after watching pornography and that they would sometimes have sex mostly in the kitchen and in the sitting room when everyone was asleep.

The boy also revealed to the court that he would steal his sister’s phone to continue watching pornography after using the domestic worker’s phone.

V.N.W was in February 2021 arraigned and charged with defiling a 13-year-old boy for eight months and exposing the adolescent victim to pornographic content.

At that time, it was alleged that V.N.W committed the offense in Mwiki area, Kasarani, Nairobi County between July 2020 and February 2021.

She was also charged with promoting a sexual offense for allegedly showing the minor pornographic content.

Further, she was charged with performing an indecent act with a child.

The incident, according to documents presented in court, was discovered by chance as the parents disciplined the boy on February 21. Inured to taking his elder sister’s phone, the parents were forced to intervene and in the course of being smacked, confessed that he had been using the sister’s phone to watch pornography after allegedly being introduced to the vice by the house help.

Alarmed, the parents rushed the boy to a clinic for a medical check-up and reported the incident to the police.

The suspect denied the charges and was granted ksh300,000 cash bail or ksh500,000 bond.

The matter will continue for hearing on September 24, 2021.

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