I was Discriminated Because Of Barrenness, I Now Have A Child

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I have been married for more than ten years, my relationship with my husband has been good since he is so much supportive in our marriage despite quarrels and disputes between me and my mother-in-law.


My husband works in an oil refinery company and is also a secretary at a certain company, we have been struggling in life since both of us met when we barely had anything. From a humble beginning to another glory, when I was married none of my husband’s family members accepted me they all despised me and thought I cannot do any work cause I was always weak and had complications.

My first year after staying in marriage I had a miscarriage that year I had struggled to have a safe delivery but it all ended up as a miscarriage. I was so heartbroken and together with all that my mother-in-law moved to our house and poured all kinds of mean words to me I couldn’t talk back to her all I did was to keep cool and cry all day long.

My husband was always there to give me a shoulder to lean on during all the hard times,his family member started organizing for him to marry another wife since I had become a burden to them.After all the arrangements for him to marry another wife he refused,I was accused of practising witchcraft since my husband refused to marry the one they had planned for him.

Despite all that happened I became pregnant again and this time around I went for a San and I was told am carrying twins, I was so happy, and also my husband after receiving the greatest news again.

My mother-in-law as always said I tried any way I didn’t bother much because I was occupied with lots of work at the company, I was given maternity leave to go home and have bed rest so I had to quit my work for sometimes. Before some months to the delivery date, I had complications and when I was rushed to hospital, the saddest news came along that my twins were dead inside my womb so I had to have an operation for me to survive.

After the operations I was weak and again the same mother insulted me. Years passed with no signs of getting pregnant or conceiving by this time I was used to my husband’s mother insults for bewitching his son not to marry since I can’t bear him a child.

Things got worse to a point that none of the family members from my husband’s side wished to talk to me, they most of the time called me a liability to their family, I had no importance of staying in their family because brought them no son.

Deep in thoughts, I was asking myself a lot of questions why that was happening to me, At one point I questioned God why he did not give me kids, as we believed that children were Good given, I decided to start seeking solutions to try and conceive, I from time to time went to the church to pray and try to get God’s intervention to bear a child, but it never worked, despite all the prayers I never got pregnant. Day in day out visited various hospitals hoping to get treatment and conceive a child, nothing happened I gave up and just decided to keep my problems to myself.

One day I was on my way home in my personal car when a nearly knocked a woman down because I was deep in thoughts,she forced me to stop moving and asked me what my problem was sadly I explained to
her, the discrimination I was experiencing at that moment because I could not bear a child and that’s
why I was in thoughts driving and I nearly knocked her down she held me and told me she at one point
gone through similar problems in her marriage until when she met Kiwanga doctors, with no
hesitation she told me about kiwanga doctors and gave me their number, after conversing with them
they told me to meet doctor Kiwanga the following day in the afternoon.

The following morning I met
The following morning I met doctor Kiwanga, he gave me herbal medication and told me I would get pregnant and give birth without
any complications, a few weeks thereafter I got pregnant and I now have a child. Thanks to Kiwanga
doctors, they helped me end the shame. They also deal in treating and healing of various diseases like
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