I Will Create a Song For Raila On One Condition- Tano Tena’s Ben Githae

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Controversial Kikuyu entertainer Ben Githae has no qualms about composing a pean for ODM leader Raila Odinga ahead of the 2022 election.

Githae, however, maintained that he will do so only if President Uhuru Kenyatta endorses Raila. The Benga artist – a staunch Jubilee, and President Uhuru’s supporter – noted that he is ready to sing a song for any person the President endorses.


“I am a staunch supporter of Uhuru, if he says I support Raila, I will support him,” Githae said.

Githae claims that he is not yet a supporter of Odinga but will do so if he is told by the president. He defended his recent move to attend Raila’s event in Murang’a during the Skiza thanksgiving ceremony. He said that he didn’t attend the meeting as Raila’s supporter but as a defendant of music artists.

“I saw people trolling me the other day after I was photographed with Raila Odinga. Some claimed that I have moved to support him but, what they didn’t know was the context of our meeting,” he said as reported by a local daily.

The Tano Tena hitmaker further revealed that though he often gets trolled for supporting President Uhuru, he has no apologies for doing so. He said his choice to support the president was guided by a clear conscience.

Githae has further disputed a popular claim that he swayed Kenyans into voting for the Jubilee government through his Tano Tena campaign

He stated that he was merely working and only used his gift to communicate to Kenyans what he believed in at the time.

“If you do not work for yourself and you only blame Ben Githae, you will only die a poor person because I sang the song and was paid. I also urge you to do your job and be paid for it.”

“Make a difference in your life. The only person who is able to sort out the issues they are going through is yourself,” he continued.

He faulted those who always blamed him when something went wrong in the country, adding that he wasn’t bothered by any of the allegations.

“Today anything that happens in politics or even when people are suffering economically, they start pointing fingers at me saying that I lied to them. They insult me but I am very healthy. Do I look stressed?” he posed.

Further, the musician warned the youth of always pointing fingers at others when things are not working out for them.

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