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If Your Child is Addicted to Drugs Call This Number Immediately

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Sometimes it is saddening to see your child whom you banked on for future support turn out just something else. This happens to many families.


I am from Vihiga and I have a son called Ernest. Three months after joining secondary school, he was sent away from the school after he involved himself in criminal activities. He was busted smoking bhang with colleagues. I never believed it for I knew my son was such a good person and a child who exhibited high levels of personal morals. It was unbelievable!

After the scene, I had to transfer him to another school and the same thing happened again; he was caught smoking and drinking in school.

I started spying on his behavior just to find out whether he was really smoking and by so doing I busted him in his room with almost six rolls of bhang stashed in his bag. I couldn’t believe this was my own blood. In our family, no one behaves this way.

I did some consultation with my close friends and family members and they advised me to move him to a day school where I would easily monitor his behavior each particular day.

He however went on with his behavior. He was even taking alcohol and so he dropped out of school. It was really a disturbing thing to ever happen into my life keeping in mind he was my only son and our only child we had hoped with.

He became addicted. Things went out of control as he could not do without alcohol and bhang. We tried various means to ensure his life changed but nothing seemed to work positively.

Things turned worse every day. His father was giving up. You know the nature of men. The boy would many times turn hostile. He would even subject us to abusive language and obscene language. One day he hurled unprintable words at me his mother! He was no longer caring what to say or not what to say.

Some day later, someone who heard about our story sent us a link from a website of Doctor Kiwanga. We read the details and we felt amazed by the testimonies.

Kiwanga Doctors had helped so many families seek this challenge easily. We also took our son to him for assistance. Kiwanga gave him some traditional herbs and some spells and for sure after just three days the boy was not smoking and back to normal senses.

As we speak today, he went back to school and now he is holding a dream of one day becoming an engineer after he is through with his studies. He is doing well thanks to Kiwanga. For consultation call: +254 769404965 E-mail: or visit the website www.

Kiwanga Doctors can also spin court cases, land and property difference, as well as make you find a stable marriage partner.

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