Inside Deep State’s Alleged Plan to Crack Down on UDA Allies

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Days after suffering another humiliating defeat in president Kenyatta’s home county where UDA backed candidate John Wanjiku Njuguna carried the day in the neck and neck contest, the state is allegedly planning to orchestrate a surreptitious repression of anybody who had a hand against the Jubilee candidate.


According to ex-state house digital strategist Dennis Itumbi, a highly persuasive UDA propagandist who shocked the nation by running a parallel tally of the Kiambaa by-election votes on social media that apparently had very little incongruity with the final results, notable UDA echelons will face the state’s wrath in the course of the day running through the week.

Itumbi took to his social media pages deep in the night to disclose that all those who took part in financing or helped campaign for UDA in Kiambaa should be ready for serious maltreatment emanating from government agencies like the DCI.

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Among those on the government’s radar include Mathira member of parliament Rigathi Gachagua, adamant Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria and himself (Itumbi) over what he termed flimsy grounds of running a parallel telling centre.

Another unnamed politician is allegedly set to be arrested and arraigned in court today.

“Tonight deep state and Jubilee reloaded has started arresting everyone who financed, campaigned or helped campaign for UDA in Kiambaa” Itumbi noted.

The unflinching Ruto and who runs our self-formed political investigative wing dubbed Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau (HNIB) however said that they will not develop cold feet and are ready for the worst.

” This update is to tell deep state we know their plans to the detail. Do your worst. We will not run away. We are waiting for you. If you want, director of criminal investigations can give us a number we text you our location at every minute. Hatutishiki. Vanity of vanities”.

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