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Inside The Mystery Surrounding a Palatial Residence in Kisumu’s Riat Hills

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The house in question in the sloppy terrain of Riat.


Along Kisumu-Kakamega road just past Kiboswa market, between Riat junction and Coptic lies a well-engineered two-story house home and a well manicured compound that easily catches the attention of anybody traversing the busy stretch.

At first sight, it rings into anybody’s mind that the developer of the palatial home in the sloppy and attractive terrain of Riat is somebody placed highly on the social ladder and sought such a serene environment to set up own personal abode.

However, the admired residence has been uninhabited for a very long period with the whereabouts of the female lawyer believed to be the owner remaining a mystery to date.

Shockingly, the compound has remained well manicured for all that time but of late a few clothes can be seen on the lines with a double cabin car that is in good condition outwardly packed at the compound.

The strangeness of the palatial home has since evoked different conspiracy theories which attempt to explain what may have happened to the family that lived behind the gated home that is nowhere to be seen.

Two of the most widespread theories include a belief that the palatial residence is jinxed while the other story explains that the lady lawyer was raped in front of her children by heartless robbers who raided the compound sometime back. The lady therefore is believed to have vacated permanently because such an inhumane act in the witness of children rendered the home cursed.

However, none of the advanced theories can be substantiated at this point.

The brief history of that residence can tell you how sometimes life is so unfair. The lady lawyer is believed to have invested a fortune in developing the land that she has barely lived in for two years.

The mysterious house joins the list of another storey building in Ruiru town that was once the talk of the town after it was associated with ghosts making it to be vacant for years and years.

For those familiar with the Kisumu-Kakamega road have you spotted this mysterious home?

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